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Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing refers to the practice of organizing and decluttering physical spaces remotely, through online communication tools. This approach allows professional organizers to provide organization and decluttering services without physically being present in the client's space.

Key features of virtual organizing include:

Online Communication: Virtual organizing relies on digital communication tools such as video calls, emails and phone calls. Organizing can happen over a physical distance.

  1. Administrative Services: I often am asked to help organize files and office papers, there fore I am able to use the mail or email  or other platforms to share document.

  2. Resource and Documentation Sharing: digital tools to to share resources, and document the organizing process. This may include creating digital floor plans, organizing checklists, and sharing visual guides to help us implement organizational strategies.

  3. Guidance and Coaching: Organizers can provide virtual sessions, to give support & motivation and respect boundaries. At the same time, I can guide clients on decluttering  and organizing methods, storage solutions, and organization techniques. I can also help clients make decisions about what to keep, donate, or discard.

  4. Remote Assessments: I can conduct virtual assessments of a space by having clients provide video or photo tours. This allows me to evaluate the current state of the space, identify challenges, and offer personalized recommendations for improvement. I also provide and intake form for us both to fill out

  5. Flexible Scheduling: Virtual organizing also offers flexibility in scheduling sessions, making it convenient for clients to engage in the process without the need for in-person appointments. 

  6. Follow Up Sessions: I encourage a follow up session 4-6 months after our project is complete, mostly for support, but to also check on how the systems that we put in place are doing. I t is important to me to find the solutions that are going to be maintainable for you or it's a waster of your time and moneyl

Virtual organizing has become increasingly popular, especially with advancements in technology and the growing acceptance of remote work and services. It provides an accessible and effective way for people to declutter and organize their spaces, regardless of geographical constraints.

Virtual Organizing Services

Currently I offer the following Virtual Organizing Services, but I am always open minded and happy to listen to your needs

  • Administrative Services: filing, organizing file, paper, pictures, etc.

  • Closet organizing

  • Kitchen organizing

  • Bedroom organizing

  • Basement organizing

  • Bathroom organizing

  • Kid room organizing

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