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ASPO Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Members shall act in the best interest of their client to ensure the best possible outcome. The professional manner of our members towards clients should be positive, supportive and competent.

Members shall hold all information provided by the client as private and confidential and not disclose any information or photographs about the client, their family or project, without express written prior consent of the client.

Members are expected to expand their knowledge and skills through continuing education as part of their professional growth and are encouraged to support the development of the Organizing Profession.

Members shall present their fees and fee structure in a transparent and easy to understand manner to their clients before starting work.

Members shall avoid conflicts of interest between themselves and their clients. Members shall inform their clients of any benefit they may receive or be entitled to in regard to the sale of recommended items or any professional referrals. Members shall not allow compensation from any third party to influence the integrity of recommendations of goods or professional services to their clients.

Members pledge to Uphold the ASPO Principles:

2. 3.

Simplify Possessions Simplify Tasks Simplify Lives

We Organize to Simplify

We dispose of items in a responsible manner We encourage to reduce, reuse, recycle

Learning why to maintain is as important as learning how to maintain to ensure sustainability.
We teach to maintain

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